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fläzbag tablet stands / pillows - all colors

The tablet pillow for couch-surfers, bed-watchers and bookworms

The fläzbag is a cushion for your tablet. You put your tablet or eReader on it and don't have to hold it. So your arms will not go to sleep. The tablet pillow ensures perfect relaxation while surfing, reading, watching movies or playing games

For slouching in all positions

The fläzbag adapts to any surface and any belly - no matter how big or small, round or flat it is. Whether on the couch, on the bed or on the floor. Whether lying down or sitting. This tablet cushion stands stable in every situation and keeps your tablet firmly in place!

woman laying on the floor with tablet pillow and ipad mini
green fläzbag tablet pillow packaging

Great as a gift

fläzbags are great to give away. However, they like to bite into foreign devices. In order to avoid that other tablets, iPads or eReaders are attacked, all fläzbag owners get their tablet cushions in sturdy shipping boxes. They can now safely be carried around and given away.

From high-quality materials

The fläzbag is produced from high-quality, rugged materials. Inside there are small polystyrene balls which makes it extremely light! The endurable material offers a pleasant feel and the high quality silicone print of fläzbag bold makes the tablet or ereader stand even better.

fläzbag bold - tablet stand with silicone print
3 fläzbag tablet cushions with ipad mini and amazon kindle

For all tablets & eReaders

No matter if your device is 10cm, 20cm or 30cm wide. No matter whether your tablet weights 100 grams or 10 kilograms. No matter whether you are using a Samsung Galaxy, an iPad, an amazon kindle or any other tablet or eReader. The fläzbag tablet pillow works as well with all devices!

Whether flat, crosswise or vertically

You can lay your tablet or eReader on the edge or lay it on the top of the pillow. Cross or upright - your unit will stand on always safely.

green fläzbag tablet pillow with ipad air

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